Dual zone wireless LED dimmer

A wireless, two channel LED dimmer controller I built as part of my van conversion project.

While I haven’t mentioned it on this blog, last year I bought a Dodge Sprinter 2005 van with the intent of converting it into a livable space/festival van. There’s a lot I have to say about that project, but that will wait for another post. In this post I want to show an LED dimmer that I built for the van. The requirements were:

  • 12V powered.
  • Dual-zone, meaning I can dim two separate circuits independently.
  • Wireless – I didn’t want to run anything but 12V power to the dimmer units.
  • Multiple transmitter support – I wanted to have a transmitter near the door as well as one near the bed. Who wants to get out of bed to turn off the lights?
  • Capable of supplying at least 2A per channel.
  • Use this fancy sliders that have a red LED light, to make it easier to find in the dark.
  • Have one PCB that can either act at the transmitter or the receiver depending on which components get installed on in.

It’s a relatively simple project, and it works well. So far I have had zero issues with it. It’s built around the ATMEGA328 MCU and the nRF24L01+ 2.4GHz transceiver. It uses the RF24 library which made interfacing the nRF24L01+ a breeze.

View schematics or browse the repository

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